Archive: June 9, 2018

Dalan joins the team at Archieboy Audiobook Production

SoundFridge continues to grow as I was invited to join the team of professional audio book producers at Archieboy.  This company works with publishers and rights holders to create audio books that will be sold on  This is a significant step forward for SoundFridge and will open up whole new kinds of possibilities.

Archieboy produces about 50 audio books per month.  They identify projects with good sales potential, then hire audio book actors directly to produce them.  This approach is a little different than the revenue-share model that is used on ACX.  It helps rights holders avoid the frustration of getting low-quality auditions for revenue share projects (as we’ve talked about here), while allowing audio book actors to eliminate their risk exposure for accepting them.

Thanks to Bo Benent, PhD and the team at Archieboy Audiobook Production!  Here’s looking forward to a fruitful partnership.

Dalan Decker produced Exceptional Wealth by Mark Tepper as an audio book

Exceptional Wealth by Mark Tepper now on Audible

Big projects often take months to come together, and Exceptional Wealth by Mark Tepper, CFP® was one of those projects.  I’m pleased to announce that the audio book of Exceptional Wealth is now available on

The project started back in November of 2017, not long after Hurricane María hit us here in Puerto Rico.  Mark’s team approached me about producing the “funnel audio” for his previous book, Walk Away Wealthy.  Based on his long career in the wealth management community, Mark penned that book to help owners of businesses with the arduous and complicated task of preparing their businesses for sale.  [pullquote]”Funnel audio” is something like a teaser trailer, meant to get website visitors to convert to subscribers.[/pullquote] With the lights off that day, I cranked up our little generator “Bruce” and produced the first two sections of Walk Away Wealthy.  Then we drove to San Patricio Mall in Guaynabo, where I used the WiFi to send it in.  I could not sleep that night.  This was such a huge potential project!

We were watching a Frasier re-run a few weeks later when I heard back from Mark’s audio book guy, Nathan García of Mavrik.  They informed me that they had another project in the pipeline.  Would I be interested in producing an entire book?  Would I!??

And again, time passed.

Then in December, they sent me the audition script for Exceptional Wealth.  For the entire book!  I was so excited my voice actually shook when I sat down to record.  Mark Tepper is a well-known voice in the wealth management and investment community.  He manages one of the biggest wealth management firms in the United States, Strategic Wealth Partners.  You see him on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and Fox Business segments all the time.  To land this gig would be a huge coup for SoundFridge, not to mention a shot of confidence.  I didn’t know how long it would take to hear back, but I recorded the audition and sent it back.

As I’ve come to understand since then, big important projects take a long time to work through the process.  (At the moment, I’m experiencing the same with the previously-announced The Heart of Things.)  There are a lot of stakeholders and people looking at the project.  Each step of the way, professionals examine the work.  They request tweaks and re-takes.  I finished the initial recording sometime in mid-February of 2018.  Since then, there have been a few back and forths.  I’m used to the work flow of working with independent authors.   A quick e-mail, maybe an audition, the purchase, and then the delivery.  Tweaks are taken care of on the fly.  Both ways are great, but my type-A personality wants to do things now, now, now, yesterday!

And now, it’s live on Audible!  There’s a sweet satisfaction in knowing that I was able to produce a project that is in the “big leagues.”  My thanks to Mark Tepper and his production staff including Nathan García for choosing me and my modest talent.  Good luck as you get Exceptional Wealth out there.  If CNBC wants to do a segment Mark, I’m available!