Archive: January 5, 2019

SoundFridge closes deal to provide voice-overs for top Turkish education video channel

İngilizce Konu Anlatımı, or English Lecture Hall, is a widely popular YouTube channel that shares humorous English instruction.  It is one of the most popular English-language teaching tools in Turkey.  SoundFridge is pleased to announce a deal with İngilizce Konu Anlatımı to produce the narration for their next series of 38 educational videos.  The web program is produced and hosted by Özer Kiraz, an English teacher who is well known in his country and among the Turkish diaspora for his lighthearted English-instruction books.

Kiraz’ latest video series will focus on practicing the use of phrasal verbs, also known as separable prefix verbs.  These verbs are common in English and many European languages such as German and Dutch, but can be confusing for people who speak other languages.  An example of a sentence using a phrasal verb would be “You have to do this homework over.”  Mastering this rather non-intuitive verb presentation is key to sounding natural when one is speaking informal English.

A sample: