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As a professional voice actor and narrator since 2006, I tell your story in a way that grips your listeners. Some major brands I've worked with:

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Why you know I love your story.

For as long as I can remember, I have been telling stories.

As a kid, when I wasn’t reading my favorite books into my tape recorder to make my own audiobooks, I was recording radio dramas off the air to turn them into my own stories.

Radio dramas like Adventures in Odyssey, Seeing Ear Theater, even NPR’s Star Wars.

I went after family members to record their voices. I added my own to the mix. I recorded speeches and lectures. With my portable tape recorder, the world was my soundstage. I took it everywhere, recording thunder and parades and trains passing and robins singing in the rain. I scrounged yard sales for many different machines and rigged up my own multi-track mixing and mastering desk.

And then I took all those bits and pieces, those odds and ends, and spliced together my own world: dramas complete with new story lines, music, sound effects.

I would play them at breakfast for my family and feel this exhilaration as they laughed and cheered for my stories.

Years before I could even dream of having professional studio audio equipment, I worked tirelessly to make the most exciting drama with perfect sound. I inserted my own self into those stories – literally – practicing my acting chops and storytelling abilities.

I, like you, lived on story.

What does all this have to do with narration?

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Testimonial from author P.J. Nichols

"Dalan brought my series to life!"

"Dalan was awesome to work with. He took my novel, and produced an audiobook that exceeded my expectations! He was committed to making sure I got a product that I was 100% satisfied with - and I'm 110% satisfied! Plus he's a friendly and caring person - so communicating with him was easy. I'm excited about having him make the rest of the books in the series!"

P.J. Nichols
Author, Puzzled Mystery Adventure Series

SERIES DESCRIPTION: "Peter, an exceptionally clever junior high school kid, is pulled into an adventure where he and a few friends have to solve a series of very challenging riddles and puzzles. Peter's mind, which has an amazing talent for problem-solving, is needed to save the world from powerful supernatural adversaries. Peter and his friends must figure out every confusing riddle and challenging puzzle they face. And anything less than perfection will mean terrifying, unthinkable, impossible-to-live-with outcomes . . ."

★★★★★ Over 1,500 five-star reviews for the individual books on Amazon and Goodreads.

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