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SoundFridge announces deal to produce “The Heart of Things” by John Hildebrand

I’m pleased to announce our biggest deal yet.  After a round of auditions and some nail biting, today we closed the deal to produce The Heart of Things by John Hildebrand for   The Heart of Things is a series of essays about his experiences traveling the Midwest, written with gentle humor reminiscent of EB White.  The book is published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

John Hildebrand is a well-known author and former editor of Wisconsin Trails Magazine and a radio host on Wisconsin Public Radio.  He has written for Harper’s, Audubon, Sports Illustrated, and has two previous nonfiction books to his credit.  His book Mapping the Farm received high praise in The New Yorker, Publisher’s Weekly, and The New York Times.  He has also been awarded a Bush Artist Fellowship, a Wisconsin Arts Board Fellowship, the BANTA Award from the Wisconsin Literary Association, and a Friends of American Writers Literary Award.

SoundFridge is honored to partner with Wisconsin Historical Society Press to bring this latest book to Audible.


“I’ve never believed that living in one place means being one thing all the time, condemned like Minnie Pearl to wear the same hat for every performance. Life is more complicated than that.”

In this remarkable book of days, John Hildebrand charts the overlapping rings—home, town, countryside—of life in the Midwest. Like E. B. White, Hildebrand locates the humor and drama in ordinary life: church suppers, Friday night football, outdoor weddings, garden compost, family reunions, roadside memorials, camouflage clothing. In these wry, sharply observed essays, the Midwest isn’t The Land Time Forgot but a more complicated (and vastly more interesting) place where the good life awaits once we figure exactly out what it means. From his home range in northwestern Wisconsin, Hildebrand attempts to do just that by boiling down a calendar year to its rich marrow of weather, animals, family, home—in other words, all the things that matter

Dan Stirling, 3 Steps to Success

SoundFridge closes deal to produce Dan Stirling’s “3 Steps to Success”

UPDATE: This audio book is now live on

“It is easy—far too easy—to get into the mindset of ‘I can’t begin my path to success until I read this one more book I just heard about,'” writes Dan Stirling in his new book, 3 Steps to Success: Create the Life of Abundance and Fulfillment You Were Put on Earth to Enjoy.  “This book is designed to get you started on your path to success, as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are 12 or 92. There are a million paths to success, but most start you reading, learning, and preparing for an unnecessarily long time when you should be taking action. So if you want success to come immediately, then begin here.”

Cutting the clutter

Often we are too busy to be successful.  Dan Stirling urges the reader to consider how their goals and activities fit with their life purpose.  In chapter 12 (“Finding Focus Through Rituals), he writes: “Any time you are confronted with a new obligation, whether at work, at home, or with family, ask yourself where it fits into your goals and dreams before accepting it. If your boss asks you to take on a new task, you should consider, ‘Is this going to add value to the company or dilute my ability to focus on value-adding work?’ It could be an organization asking you to contribute your time to an event or to recurring meetings. Remember to determine whether it adds value to your life. If an organization is important to you, figure out whether you can better serve it and yourself by donating money to it in place of your time (and maintaining your focus on your business and personal life).”  Our moments are precious, he observes.  After all, each moment adds up to part of a life.

13 chapters of self-inspiration

Stirling’s book includes 13 chapters covering a variety of topics, including how to find your absolute truth, dreaming big and in vivid detail, prosperity and freedom, the legacy mindset, (re)igniting focus, learning to forgive and move on, using obstacles as opportunities for growth, and much more.  Readers (or in this case, listeners) will find themselves buoyed by his wisdom, conversational tone, and occasional touch of humor.  Dan Stirling’s book draws upon years of research and his work as a life coach to help the reader become their own inspiration.

Dan Stirling is the founder of 2 Spare Minutes. He is available for individual coaching and speaking engagements.  You can reach him at

Audiobook edition coming soon

SoundFridge is honored to partner with Mr. Stirling to bring this powerful nonfiction book to audiobook form.  It will be available on, iTunes, and other audiobook retailers.

SoundFridge promotional video

New video spot for SoundFridge

We’re pleased to unveil our new video spot for SoundFridge.  This video replaces the old one on Fiverr® and will be used in a promotional campaign on different channels as well.  Compare the new one to the old one.  Thoughts?

New spot:


Old spot:

SoundFridge produces “Passive Income” by David J. Green

We just wrapped up production on the audiobook edition of Passive Income by David J. Green, another Amazon #1 bestselling nonfiction book.

We just wrapped production on the audiobook edition of Passive Income by David J. Green, another Amazon #1 bestselling nonfiction book.  It presents 40 easy tips for side hustles ranging from affiliate marketing to things no one ever considered, such as flipping app names (who knew?).  The book is in process of approvals and will soon appear on

Lots of people need a little extra cash but can’t afford to let that side hustle become their main job.  So a book like Passive Income 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Including Blogging, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Photography, Affiliate Marketing and Amazon FBA is just what the doctor ordered!  Whether you are happy in your job but need a little extra cash, or you want to try out some ideas that will give you some flexibility and security as you plan a career, this book takes you step by step.

From the book jacket

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 hectic lifestyle? This book gives you the best ideas and instructions to launch your online business and turn it into Passive Income!

Get ready to discover the online marketplace. You will be astonished to learn that thousands of people are making a full-time income online

Here is a Sneak Peek of What you will Learn:

How to make money through Blogging
How to Launch your own Digital Course
How to Create your Ecommerce Store
How to Leverage Dropshipping
How to Generate Income through Affiliate Marketing
How to Make Money through Ebook Publishing
And much, much, more