Archive: October 26, 2019

SoundFridge announces deal to produce audiobook of “Puzzled” by PJ Nichols

What if you had to save the world by solving a series of puzzles?  That’s the challenge – and responsibility – Peter and his friends face in this exciting children’s novel, written by PJ Nichols.  After being recruited by a mysterious old man with an unbelievable story, the children are launched into an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  The challenge: Perfectly solve a series of dangerous puzzles or watch as the entire world falls into chaos.  Each puzzle is harder than the last, and there’s no starting over!  Puzzled is the first book in the Puzzled Series.  The second book, Really Puzzled has already been released.  The audiobook of Puzzled is planned for a November release, and will be made available on Audible and other retail sites.

From the book blurb:

Peter, an exceptionally clever junior high school kid, is pulled into an adventure where he and a few friends have to solve a series of very challenging riddles and puzzles. Peter’s mind, which has an amazing talent for problem-solving, is needed to save the world.

This adventure sure is a big change from what Peter typically deals with in life: He gets called geek and nerd by everyone in the cool group. He tries to hide his love for learning, in a hope to stick out a little less. He fantasizes about a girl who is out of his league.

Peter and his friends must solve every confusing riddle and challenging puzzle they face. If they can’t, a powerful supernatural being will cause immense destruction and devastation…

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This book is ideal for fans of:

  • A to Z Mysteries
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  • Dog Man
  • Encyclopedia Brown
  • Epic Zero
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