SoundFridge produces audiobook of “See, Hear & Feel!” for Lerner Press

Originally published in the Republic of Korea, See, Hear, and Feel! is a charming children’s picture book that gives a quick tour of the human body by comparing it to familiar animals.  Children learn that we smell with our nose, but a dog smells 1000 times better, or that we touch our mothers’ faces with our skin, and the skin is the largest organ in the body!

Lerner Press, an educational publisher in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is publishing the book by arrangement with big and SMALL Publishing.  They produced the original book in collaboration with the department of education of Chungcheongnam-do Province in South Korea for use in public schools.  The book was written by by Min-ji Jeong with illustrations by Joo-yun Lee.  Editing of the English edition was provided by Joy Cowley.[pullquote]This is SoundFridge’s third collaboration with this client.[/pullquote]

Sample audio from book

(© 2018, Lerner Press and big and SMALL, used by permission)

SoundFridge is honored to partner with Lerner Press in this new audiobook.  This is SoundFridge’s third collaboration with this client.  The two previous titles were We Are Brothers by Da-yun Oh and Nicknames by Cecil Kim, both also published in the US market by big and SMALL.

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