SoundFridge announces upcoming “Veterinarian’s Field Guide to Rabid Unicorns” for Audible

I am pleased to announce that I will be producing the novel The Veterinarian’s Field Guide to Rabid Unicorns, by Elise Loyacano Perl, for  My 16th project for Audible, this humorous novel is a wacky adventure where Jurassic Park meets Artemis Fowl.  It is the first book in the St. Quiche Island Archives, a series of youth-novels-for-adults set in the fictional Caribbean country of St. Quiche.  This is SoundFridge’s second novel project, after The Ghost Factory by Jordan Vezina.


“One clueless vet. One mad scientist. Lots of crazy unicorns. This can’t end well, can it?

Bertie’s just a regular veterinarian whose career is the pits. He is up to his eyeballs in debt, and his boss drives him bonkers. So when a scientist offers him a job at a Caribbean park, he takes the leap.

But no textbook can prepare him for what awaits: genetically engineered unicorns. They aren’t your cuddly picture book variety either. These mythical creatures could very well turn a tropical paradise into an island deathtrap.

Now Bertie must find a way to keep these beasts from spiraling into madness. But will he rise to the challenge? Or will it be lights out for Bertie before he can come up with a cure?

The Veterinarian’s Field Guide to Rabid Unicorns is the first book in the St. Quiche Island Archives. If you like funny fantasy, underdog heroes, and madcap villains, you’ll love this quirky novel.

Buy the book and discover how hilarious man versus the lab-created nature can be.”

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