The videos below are selected from many video voice-overs delivered to various clients.

18. Halitosis product video

17. Moto Theme launch announce

16. Moto Theme launch video

15. Deluxe Casinos spot

14. Business book summaries pitch

13. “Team Startek” Internet marketing

12. Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico after Hurricane María


11. “The Reviews Are In!”

10. “The Veterinarian’s Field Guide to Rabid Unicorns” trailer


9. The Pirahna and the Goldfish


8. – 60+ Hilarious Quotes (1 Million Comments Channel)

7. “Gitex” ad VO

6. “Haunted” – visual short story project


5. Corporate video

4. Sample clips from medical projects

3. MedVoice – For medical project needs!

2. Your Audiobook (SoundFridge 60-second spot)

  1. Whisper Room® unboxing and setup!