Commercial projects

Projects for businesses large and small demand a special set of skills. If you are looking to get a commercial voice-over project done, you need an actor who is

  • Up to date on how today’s ads and marketing sound.
  • Has a youthful, pleasant, and high-energy voice.
  • Has experience working directly with companies, including all the stakeholders from the executives and marketing team down to the accounts-receivable department.
  • Understands licensing for different media and how to prevent intellectual property claims, which can get extremely expensive extremely fast. In today’s AI-driven Internet environment, there’s no hiding your ad from the rights agencies’ sniffer bots. They know what you’re doing.

You’ve come to the right place

Before launching SoundFridge, I was programming director for a radio network. My daily job description included all of the above, plus signing contracts, reviewing Arbitron books, etc. I have a deep, intuitive understanding of what you are looking for, what agencies are looking for, and what formats work.

Plus, as a man who’s worked his entire career in a bilingual, multicultural environment, you know we can sit down and chat in either English or Spanish.

Let’s talk!

Do you need a new voice-over? Or are you planning an entirely new campaign and need inspiration, ideas, maybe even copywriting? Let’s talk. Write me here or give me a call and let’s set up a day to sit down – in your office or online – to discuss vision, planning, and budget.

I look forward to helping you. Call or write today!