Audiobook narrating

I have narrated literally hundreds of audiobooks across all kinds of genres. Below are clips from some of my favorite audiobook projects so far.

Children’s novels

Really Puzzled by PJ Nichols

Really Puzzled by P.J. Nichols

Two years have passed since Peter and his friends went up against Zoltan—a supernatural being—in a battle of minds and wits, with the fate of the Earth on the line. Life is great for Peter now: He and Nicola are still dating. He’s about to start high school. But then, out of nowhere, something happens … Something confusing and terrifying, which has the potential to cause immeasurable destruction. Is Zoltan angry again? Is Peter not living up to his promise? Or … is something else going on? A children’s mystery/adventure novel narrated by Dalan Decker and authored by P.J. Nichols. Audio used by permission.

Outlaws at Desolation Pass by Trent McKay

In the lawless heart of the Arizona Territory in 1867, Wyatt “Rider” Daniels, a mysterious gunslinger haunted by his military past, rides into the forsaken outpost of Desolation. A children’s Western/Adventure novel narrated by Dalan Decker and authored by Trent McKay. Audio used by permission.

Novels written for adults

The Military Mustang by Brandon Seyl

“The Military Mustang” is an inspiring collection of short stories that explores the journey from enlisted servicemembers to commissioned officers. Through the riveting tales of three individuals, this book offers readers an intimate perspective on the challenges enlisted personnel and officers face. Narrated by Dalan Decker and written by Brandon Seyl. Audio used by permission.

The Long White Coat by Robert Pettit, MD (Medical Thriller)

This is an example of an “enhanced” audiobook where I narrated together with another actress, then edited and mastered the final product. Bob Pettit is a board-certified ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist who has been practicing for 35 years. He is a graduate of Stanford University, UCI Medical School, and UC San Francisco. The Long White Coat is a novel based on a diary he kept while in his first year of surgery training on the trauma team. Audio used by permission.

Business nonfiction