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Make your professional video voice-over (documentaries, ads, explainer videos, etc.)

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Just 4 cents per word! ($10 minimum order)

1. Upload your manuscript. Word documents like .doc, .docx, and PDF are accepted. The file limit is 100MB, but that should not be an issue for most documents.

2. Fill the "word count" box. The system will automatically add up the number of words and give you your subtotal. That's it! No hidden fees, no surcharges.

3. Please note that $10 is the minimum order because otherwise my processing fees are outrageous. So if your project is shorter than 250 words, put "250" as your word count.

Unless otherwise requested, this audio is produced in mono .wav, 16-bit, 48000 sample rate. This is the industry standard for video audio. If you have another need, please note it in the order details box.

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