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Professional commercial voice-over (ads, e-Learning, etc.)


Professional commercial voice-over (ads, e-Learning, etc.) AB-1.01

Just 4 cents per word ($10 minimum order)

1. Upload your manuscript. Word documents like .doc, .docx, and PDF are accepted.

2. Fill the "word count" box. The system will automatically add up the number of words and give you your subtotal. That's it! No hidden fees, no surcharges.

3. Please note that $10 is the minimum order. So if your project is shorter than 500 words, put "400" as your word count.

This audio is produced to the Audible standard, which is used for, iTunes, Author's Republic, etc. To see all the books I've produced for to date, click here. Price includes professional mastering.

Specializing in nonfiction

Sample reel (these are from real books on Audible, not canned samples)

Clip from "Hacking" by Abraham K. White

Clip "3 Steps to Success" by Dan Stirling

Clip from "Passive Income" by David J. Green

Clip from "The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb" by Elise Loyacano Perl

Clip from "Ragnar Lothbrok and a History of the Vikings," by Noah Brown.

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