The following is a list of clips from some of the over 1500 professional projects I have completed.  Many are publicly available for sale, and others are for internal use by companies, nonprofits, schools, governments, and other entities.  Click here to see all the books I have produced for Audible to date.

Clip from The Heart of Things, by John Hildebrand

The Heart of Things is a heartwarming series of travel essays written by NYT-reviewed John Hildebrand, former editor of Wisconsin Trails Magazine.  It is published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press.  John Hildebrand has been published in Harper’s, Audubon, Outside, Sports Illustrated, and many more publications, and his previous book Mapping the Farm was praised by New Yorker Magazine as a “skill of mind and craft.” John Hildebrand has won multiple literary awards including the BANTA award, the Bush Fellowship, and the Friends of American Writers Literary Award.  He is a professor of literature at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.



Clip from Exceptional Wealth, by Mark Tepper, CFP®

Mark Tepper is a well-known TV commentator and wealth manager with appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, and other network television programs.  He regularly writes for Kiplingers and Wall Street Journal, among other financial publications.  He is  is President and CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners, a comprehensive wealth management firm that specializes in working with higher-net-worth families.  Exceptional Wealth is his first full book (and second project) with SoundFridge.  Audio clip © 2018, Mark Tepper, CFP®.  All rights reserved.

For more on Mark Tepper, visit his website.  See this book on Amazon here.




Summary of The Million Dollar, 1-Person Business, by Elaine Pofeldt

One of over 40 summaries I have produced for, this summary shows anyone how they can build their “lean business” into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. is the original business summaries company.  Founded over 20 years ago, it has clients all over the planet who receive weekly written and audio summaries of the latest business books.  SUMMARIES.COM empowers you to get 100% of the best ideas from an entire business book for 10% of the cost and in less than 5% of the time. Get all the know-how and smarts from 1,000 business books into your mind and career. Read less, do more.  Audio © 2018,  All rights reserved.

For more information on, visit their website.




© Copyright Connor Cassidy Productions

Clip from Bastion the Boogerman, by Connor Cassidy

A delightful children’s book that teaches the value of handwashing, Bastion the Boogerman is Connor Cassidy’s second project with SoundFridge.  For more information about Connor Cassidy, see Connor Cassidy Productions on Facebook or see his books on Amazon and

Audio is © Connor Cassidy, used by permission.





Clip from Oscar and Marla, by Carole St.-Laurent

In this charming picture book for children, Oscar the grumpy pirahna learns to love a goldfish and becomes a vegetarian.  For more information on Carole St.-Laurent and this book, see her on GoodReads.  Audio © 2017, Carole St.-Laurent, used with permission.






© Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute

Clip from Abdominal Ultrasound Registry Review, Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute

I have voiced multiple medical textbooks for continuing education for the Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This clip is taken from the Abdominal Ultrasound Registry Review Workbook.  As a audiobook reader as well as a registered nurse, I have both the experience and the medical training to read your medical projects quickly and error-free.  Audio © 2017, Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute.  Used with permission.




Clip from Remodel: Without Going Bonkers or Broke, by Jim Molinelli, Ph.D.

A perennial Amazon bestseller, this book written by an experienced architect guides homeowners through the tricky process of finding, vetting, and selecting a contractor for their home improvement or expansion project. Audio © Copyright Jim Mollineli, used by permission.  For more information on Mr. Molinelli see this book on Amazon.