Audiobook editing/mastering

“I narrated my book over a year ago because I have a daughter who never reads. Once the narration was finished, I had no idea how to proceed. I used a Mac and Dalan used a PC, but Dalan worked magic on my files. They sound much better than I expected. Can’t wait to get them up on Audible! Thanks Dalan!”

David Vancelette, Author of How God Thinks

SoundFridge editing and mastering service

If you’re the kind of author who loves to narrate your own books, it’s good to have that expert friend on your side who can help you whip the audio into shape!

This offering came about by popular demand. So many authors kept contacting me and asking, “Can you make my audio sound as good as yours?” Eventually, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Gosh darn it, people want it, you can do it, so why not?” And dozens of clients later, I love doing it!

This service is for authors and publishers alike. Since launching this service, we have worked with authors writing from their bedrooms and large publishers, as well as third-party studios.

What does this service include?

This service includes whatever you need to get that audio to sing and make sure it passes all the specs of Amazon Audible/ACX and the rest. Things like

  • Noise reduction
  • Breath control
  • Zapping any odd pauses or spots where you talktoofastandsoundweird
  • Double-checking to make sure no major content went missing
  • Making sure all your chapter headers are in place
  • Editing any major errors or big problem spots (we’ll send a retake file)
  • Confirming all your metadata files are correct
  • Confirming your audiobook cover
  • Mastering it to an amazing, sweet sound you won’t believe!
  • And best of all, we give you all the guidance you need to upload it to the audio distribution sites. We can even do that step for you, if it makes you more comfortable!

Need more information? Want to talk?

Like everything else, SoundFridge makes this easy. Just call us or drop me a note below with details about your project. We’ll go from there!