I will make your professional video voiceover

I will make your professional video voiceover

Starting at $10


Know how you make your video look professional? By making it SOUND professional! I specialize in making awesome video voice-overs quickly, affordably and professionally. My voice appears in videos big and small, such as

• Explainer videos
• Video game character/cutscene voices
• Documentaries
• Corporate presentations
• YouTube channels and vlogs
• Audio book trailers
• How-to videos
• Whiteboard animations
• National and local ads

Your voice-over will be recorded in the highest quality to the latest standards, ready to drop into your production.  Make your work sound as good as it looks. Contact me above with any questions or click the order button to get started!

 – FAQ’s –

What audio format do you record in?

For video audio, the industry standard voice-over format is mono, 48000/16-bit .wav or AIFF.  (It is 48000 to allow for proper interlacing with 29 1/2 FPS video).  I can supply MP3 on request, but it is not recommended.

Do you add effects, echoes, SFX, etc.?

A video voice-over is an intermediate product.  So it's better if you add your own effects, such as echoes, phone effects, etc. This allows you to have full control over your finished video sound.  What sounds great to me may not fit your vision at all.

Can you add music?

Again, this is something that is better for you to do.

Do you include or offer video sync?

I do not offer video sync. Making videos is an exquisitely personal taste. What I think looks awesome might look like garbage to you.  Also, video sync is often unreasonably time consuming.  For video sync, you really need to sit with the talent in the studio and watch the video together, the way the pros do.

Can I use your voice-over commercially?

Yes, I offer both commercial and broadcast rights. Please consult the Bonus Extras when you order.

Where do you record?

I am proud to own a Whisper Room® isolation booth in my home, the choice of professional audio studios around the planet. You will hear the difference this makes! No muffled, fuzzy sound from a guy sitting in his converted closet.

What audio equipment do you use?

I record in a genuine Whisper Room® isolation booth, with a Focusrite® audio console and a Sennheiser® MD-421 II microphone. Handmade in Germany, this microphone is one of the top 10 most trusted pieces of equipment in the professional audio world. It offers a unique warm, intimate sound.  Audio processing is done using a dbx® all-analog audio processor.  All analog processing means a warm, natural, smooth sound.

Can you do different voices or accents?

If your project calls for voices or accents, please send me a sample script and I can play with it. Please note that if you accept my audition and proceed to order, I'll expect you to accept the finished product! I will NOT do a stereotypical "Hispanic" or "African American" accent as I feel it is disrespectful. Don't even ask.

Can you edit my script?

For clients for whom English is not a first language, I can offer limited fixing of short scripts. Please e-mail me your script before ordering so I can create a special offer, if necessary.