I will make your book into a professional audiobook for Audible, iTunes, etc.

– Starting at $10 –


I help YOU sound amazing! With a friendly, confident American voice-over polish and 12+ years of experience as a professional voice actor and audio producer. I use top-quality equipment to make your audio book narration into something you will feel proud to sell and share. Amazon ACX/Author’s Republic pass guaranteed.  I specialize in thoughtful nonfiction.

• Dozens of projects for Summaries.com
• Nonfiction books
• Short stories
• Children’s picture books
• Training guides
• ESL curricula
• Spoken word poetry
• More!

If your project needs a confident, neutral American voice with years of experience a professional studio, give my samples a listen.  Ask for a FREE custom voice-over sample (see FAQ’s).

– FAQ’s –

Can I ask for an audition clip?

Absolutely! I think canned voice samples are pretty useless, to be honest. Send me a short selection of your project (one paragraph or less) and I will record it for your review, no cost or obligation. You can also visit my YouTube channel here: https://tinyurl.com/yb5ljluc.

What format do you use to record?

The industry standard for audiobooks is mono MP3 at 192Mbps.  So unless otherwise specified, I will deliver in this format.  However, my studio session masters are recorded  at 44100/16-bit .wav.  This means if you want to do something to the audio, like add effects or music, you can ask for the studio master .wav file. Let me know if you want it in MP3 or original, lossless .wav format.

What will you NOT record?

I will not record the following books: 1. Pornography. This includes super steamers like "50 Shades of Grey" or its equivalent "mommy porn." Romance with some love is fine. 2. Anything hateful, mean, or too far past PG rating.  Nothing homophobic or hate-speechy.

How long does it take?

Each hour of finished audio is about 9500 words.  Assume about 6 hours of work for each hour of finished audio (PFH). I am a very busy guy in high demand, so please contact me FIRST to confirm availability and to agree on an estimated delivery date. I generally deliver sooner than promised.

What equipment do you use in your studio?

I only accept top-of-the-line professional equipment, including a Soundcraft® mixer and the legendary Sennheiser® MKH 416. This microphone is considered the industry standard in Hollywood and top recording studios alike. You find this handmade German mic in everything from major movie and TV sets to commercial voiceover studios. It offers a great dynamic range and almost zero internal noise.  (In other words, you can whisper or shout at the top of your lungs and it won't be fazed a bit.)  I record in a WhisperRoom® iso booth with a dbx® all-analog audio processor.  All analog processing means a warm, natural, smooth sound.

Do you make for Amazon ACX/Audible?

Yes. I understand all that stuff about RMS and so forth. Don't worry, your project will slip right through the ACX approvals process. In fact, just search "Dalan Decker" on Audible to see all the books I've voiced there!  Also, feel free to check out my free e-book where I explain what all that means in easy to understand English!  (The link is below and in the menu under "Portfolio.")

Can you upload to ACX/other stores for me?

Quick answer: Yes! Choose it as a Bonus Extra for the job. However, let me be very honest with you: If you can put pictures of your cat on Facebook or Instagram, you can easily upload your own book to ACX! If you choose this extra, you will need to set up your ACX/Author's Republic account first and send me the login.

Can you do different voices or accents?

If your project calls for voices or accents, please send me a sample script and I can play with it. Please note that if you accept my audition and proceed to order, I'll expect you to accept the finished product! I will NOT do a stereotypical "Hispanic" or "African American" accent as I feel it is disrespectful. Don't even ask.

What about Author's Republic?

Yes!  They use the same audio standards as Audible and iTunes.