I will do your professional medical voice-over as a BSN nurse

I will do your professional medical voice-over as a BSN nurse

Starting at $150

I’m the best of both worlds – a registered nurse (BSN-RN) with a radio and voice-over background. With 12+ years real-life experience in radio and voice tracking, I use a professional Whisper Room® recording booth and audio equipment. As a registered nurse with a Bachelors of Nursing (licences in Colorado state and Puerto Rico), I have the expertise to read your project without stumbling over medical jargon. See sample clips from two big CE projects! https://youtu.be/W8WGs8ShoSw.

• Audio books for med students, nursing students
• Training materials for CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc.
• Continuing education (CE) credits
• Test prep (MCAT, NCLEX, USMLE, more)
• Sales brochures, internal memos, lab materials
• Corporate videos, pharmaceuticals, black box warnings
• Compliance

Click the blue contact button for any questions about this job or go ahead and order with the orange one above. You’re welcome to confirm my credentials. See the DORA regulatory website in Colorado, USA for my license # RN.1639381.


– FAQ’s –

Why is this one more expensive?

When you hire me for your medical project, you are paying for my expertise and education. Medical material takes a lot more effort than other projects due to the time it takes to research medical terms and familiarize myself with the subject. For non-medical material, check my other jobs.

Are you really a trained RN?

Yes, my name is Dalan E. Decker. You can confirm my active license on the website of the Colorado Regulatory Agency (DORA). I also hold an active license in Puerto Rico.

If you're an RN, why are you doing voice work?

Good question.  First, because I love doing voice work and I am good at it.  Second, because selling voice work helps me save money for further education.

Can I hear a voice sample?

Absolutely! I don't believe that canned voice samples really tell you what you need to know. Send me a paragraph from your project and I'll be glad to cut you a custom sample, no cost or obligation. See this video for sample clips from two big CE projects! https://youtu.be/W8WGs8ShoSw

Did you pass NCLEX?

Yes, I have passed the NCLEX board exam, which is why I hold a nursing license in Colorado, USA.